Baba Toure interlaces histories, narratives, places and the subliminal politics of everyday life. At Бükü they will examine ancient Celtic culture as the source of a now dormant European practice. Baba Toure believes that the Celtic philosophy of ideas being integral to memory is highly relevant and a concept that today has been lost due to the fast pace of contemporary life.
The Celts perceived remembering as the mediator for maintaining tribal traditions and secrets, as well as passing history on to new generations. They did not believe in written documentation or the use of pictorial representation; all wisdom was passed orally. This concept is the antithesis of the current societal situation. Today our dependence on online resources for information has strengthened our mental comfort zones, promoting an individualistic approach to learning, rather than a collective one.
The aim of our project is to challenge our comfort zones by inviting people to participate and engage with each other in this sensual, non-visual exhibition event.



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