GfZK// Garden, 9.12.2015

Czech collaborators Johana Pošová and Barbora Fastrová will create intervention in the GfZK garden. These installations will address themes such as the possibility of a reconnection with nature, if nature itself is a cultural concept. They examine the phenomenon of the supernatural, asking if it is not simply a part of the world that science and rationality has not (yet?) supplied the tools to understand. Can we understand and decode this reality via rituals?

Though they once studied photography together at the same studio, the collaboration between Pošová and Fastrová began in earnest after they had independently spent some time in the rainforests of South America. Discussing their visits, they realized they were both interested in the overlapping but contrasting concepts of nature and culture. They document places where nature is artificial such as zoos or tropical amusement parks in urban settings, commenting on the absurdity. Their work together takes form in a large variety of media, and has an important element of playfulness in their attitude towards the topics they choose to address.

-Zlata Borůvková









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